Monday, November 15, 2010

New Commenting System

A couple of weeks ago I asked if anyone knew of a good programme that would enable visitors to the blog to reply to specific comments. One of our readers (Gautham) suggested 'Disqus'. I tried it out on a trial blog and it seems to work quite well.

I will be introducing this system later today. From now on you can either comment on a particular post or on a specific reply to it. This should bring some clarity to discussions between people who insist on remaining anonymous.

I am going to remove moderation for a trail period. However, comments that include links will still be subject to moderation since these may contain spam. If any offensive comments appear, readers can flag them. These will remain in place, but an email will be sent to me containing the contents of the offending comment. I will then decide whether to keep it or not.
If you accidentally post a comment two or more times, you can flag it, and I will remove it.

You can also make your views known by hitting the 'like' or 'dislike' button. This will give me useful feedback from the many people who read the posts but never make any comments.

I am going to attempt to import all the comments from earlier posts into this new system.

Let me now how the new system works for you, and if you are experiencing any problems with it.

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