Monday, November 24, 2008

Apologies for my absence

Apologies for not contributing anything new for almost a month, and for not even attending to the questions that have been asked during that period. My brain has been somewhat disengaged from all literary work for the last few weeks. I have been enjoying the winter here in Tiruvannamalai, meeting old friends, looking after my garden, and so on. Sometimes I feel like writing, and sometimes I don't. In the last few weeks nothing has inspired me to sit down and make new posts. I have several that are half finished, but I don't know when they will be completed since my sister has just arrived to stay for a few weeks. I am enjoying catching up with stories of family and mutual friends. I will probably start posting again sometime next month.

Meanwhile, here is a link that someone sent me this morning:

In 1949 a Life photographer and a journalist came to Ramanasramam from the US to write an illustrated magazine story about Ramana Maharshi
. A few of the photos were published that year, along with the article, but most were not. The organisation that owns the photos has now posted all of them online. There are probably a few here that many devotees have not seen before.