Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Video Interviews

I have been in Colorado, USA, for the last few weeks, staying with my wife who is currently working near Denver. Here I am a couple of days ago, standing in front of a herd of elk who had come down to a picnic area just outside Rocky Mountain National Park.

The day before I went to this park I did an interview with Rick Archer for his site 'Buddha at the Gas Pump'. Rick interviews a different spiritual writer or teacher every week and posts the interview on his site. All the interviews he has done can be found here:

His interviews are also posted on Youtube. Here is our conversation, which covered a wide variety of topics:

A few weeks ago Michael James was also interviewed by Rick. This is his interview:

There are several more videos of Michael talking about Bhagavan on his Youtube channel:

A few months ago I also started a Youtube channel and loaded up a few videos that were mostly made in my old house about ten years ago. I also added some extracts from a South African documentary on modern advaita teachers that I featured in a few years ago, and a clip of Annamalai Swami. The channel can be found here:

Here is one of the videos I posted. It is a short talk I gave about Robert Adams' early life and his relationship with Bhagavan:

I hope to add several more videos in the coming weeks.

If you want to comment on any of these videos, there are three possible places. There is a forum on the site where viewers can comment on the weekly video. There are separate forums for mine and Michael's interviews. It is also possible to make comments under the videos on the Youtube site. And, of course, you can also leave a comment on this blog.

I will be back in Tiruvannamalai soon.